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Me, New zealand and Christchurch city
Hi people, my name is Ruben.
I live in new zealand, a Country consisting of the North Island, South Island and  a very small Sturat Island, plus some even smaller Islans Floating around, i live in one of the main citys called Christchurch witch we here now call Quake city, over the last 2 years we have had 10s of thousands of Earthquakes ranging from 2 pointers to 6s and a masive 7.4 witch is weird because before the big one i had never experienced one before and i have lived in christchurch all my life. Sadly people lost their lifes and my condolences goes to anyone who is reading this that knew someone that passed. Over 100 people died and more injured.
At the moment we are only getting small ones but whenever we think we are safe another big one hits, luckily we are a strong city/country and well hold on forever. Dont let this get you down, we will be fine.

Anyway some more about me, im 19 years of age, i went to high school for 3 years then dropped out, now im looking for a job, i have about 3 or 4 interviews lined up, if i dont get one im going to study hospotality, bar work, leading to be a bar owner when im older and more experienced.
Im a bisexual, mainly into men but women know how to do it all to, im currently single as about a week ago i broke up with my girlfreind, i just moved out of my mums and i am flating with some univisity students or as you americans say college studens.
I am extremly into movies such as horror and comedy, i could name the best ones but that would take forever, the music i get into is every thing but country, jaz, rap and old music i love pop and rock, and when im partying i like to listen to techno and dance music.
I am a smoker and i do not drink often, the only drugs i do is marajuana, love the stuff and some acid or shrooms(magic) once or twice a year.
I love to gamble but i never get myself into dept i just set an amount to spend and thats that.

I love to be around animals, mainly cats because they cuddle where most dogs dont but dont get me wrong i like dogs to. I hate spiders and snakes, lucily we dont get snakes unles they are brought here and only one spider that could actualy kill some one in rare cases, they are called a white tail but the daddy long legs get them for us, we dont actualy have many animals that can kill humans compared to America and australia but there are some deadly ones, our countrys icon is a flightless bird, we have alot of them as well, its called the kiwi, we New Zealanders ane often called kiws.

I do online gaming on my Xbox 360 but at the moment its not hooked up to the internet so im just playing normally. The games i get ino are shooting games like gears of war 1,2 and 3 and the halo series plus modern warfare and assasians creed, im currently playing revelations the latest one, its great. I also like a good horror game like resident evil of dead space. Every now and then i play car racing games.

Well thats me, my fingers are geting sore. So im going to leave you all to it, you all have a great day and goodbye.

Ruben Ankid


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